Preparing for your headshot session

For most of us, standing in-front of a professional photographer is not part of the daily routine.

In this article I will share a few tips with you that will make your experience an enjoyable one as well as improve your headshot results!

Tip #1: Practice Makes Perfect.

Standing in-front of a camera in a studio for the first time can be overwhelming and unnatural. Use a mirror before the shoot to practice and see what angle suits you best.

If you are not sure about your pose or smile and how it will look through the lens, remember that our photography team will be there to direct you. You will also get a chance to see a preview and select your favorite shot at the shoot.

Professional headshot
Professional headshot

Tip #2: Your Story.

A picture is worth a 1000 words. Think about what you would like your headshot to say. What makes you unique? This is your opportunity to tell yours story.

Your clothes and accessories will help your story as well. Bring a blazer for a formal look, and your favorite shirt for a casual alternative.

Tip #3: Two is better than one.

The “Extra Simper” package gives you the opportunity to to add a second headshot. Get a second headshot for your Facebook and social media accounts. Bring an extra jacket, tie, or even a different set of glasses. This can separate the professional YOU from the casual YOU.

Tip #4: Smile!

A smile goes a long way. A smile gives off a welcoming and warm vibe. Remember that when you are not smiling on your profile picture, you might look angry, depressed, aloof or worse.  

After retouch - Professional headshot

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