Why do you need a Professional headshot?

How many times did you explore a movie based on its appealing cover image? 
An attractive, eye-catching image makes us click on that link or walk into that store. By making sure we are noticeable, we increase the chance of our profile being viewed significantly by recruiters and potential clients.

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The evidence is everywhere. Here is what some top companies are saying!


According to LinkedIn, Millennials change their profile photos more than anyone, making them the most viewed demographic on LinkedIn, in fact, you are 14X more likely to be viewed if you have a profile photo.



In a Workopolis article “Optimize Your Linked in Profile, (Your Job Hunt Will Thank you”,

Workopolis recommends using a professional photographer for your profile headshot. ” Headshots aren’t just for actors (or executives) anymore. I hate to say it, but you are officially a brand, and one of the biggest elements of any brand is its “look.” Spend the money, and find a photographer who can help you communicate your best self”

In an article titled Five things every job seeker must have, Workopolis lists “A good picture of yourself” at number 3 under “resume” and online presence. The article states, “It is important for the employer to like the way you look. And no, contrary to popular belief, it is not illegal to make hiring decisions based on physical appearance.”



Randstad recently published an article titled “Social Media Tips for Engineers”, where they agree that 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn to look for candidates to recommend. They say, “LinkedIn is king when it comes to finding a job”.

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When GlassDoor talk about The 5 Signs Your Linkenin Profile is Affective, they say “your photo must be professional and up to date! Carrerealism expert, Debra Wheatman strongly advises to take your profile photograph seriously.  “I once had a client who wanted me to put a picture of him holding his grandbaby on LinkedIn.  I nixed that idea immediately and recommended he go to an inexpensive photo studio for a professional headshot taken in business attire. It was MUCH more effective. Kissing babies might work for politicians, but it does not work on LinkedIn. Think of your brand!,” she says.

Whether you realize it or not, you are a brand.  You are selling yourself when you set up your social accounts. From your Google account profile pic to your private Instagram account, every image counts, and professional profile image goes hand in hand with convincing your client that you’re their guy/gal!

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